Event Single Stair Reform Panel

March 12, 2024
Event type
In Person
Start time
6 p.m. MT
End time
8 p.m. MT

Reforming building codes to allow just a single stair, instead of two means of egress, in mid-rise multi-family buildings is one of the most powerful but little-known ways to create more livable, family-friendly, and sustainable cities. This event will feature a panel discussion probing the benefits offered by single-stair housing with a variety of viewpoints from the fields of architecture, urban planning, policy, and life safety. Key areas that the speakers plan to address include:

  • What single stair building code reforms have succeeded in other states and around the world?
  • What are some of the design benefits that can be realized with single stair reform?
  • The potential impact of single-stair reform in Colorado communities.
  • What does the evidence show about life safety risk?
  • How does allowing single stairs on mid-rise multi-family buildings affect the cost of development?
  • Rep Alex Valdez and Sen Kevin Priola recently introduced a single stair reform bill, House Bill 1239, for Colorado. What do you think of it? Does it go far enough?

Moderated by David Pardo of NookHaus and YIMBY Denver, this panel will include:

  • Peter LiFari of Maiker Housing
  • Richard “Dick” Farley, FAIA, Urban Designer
  • Fred Glick , developer
  • Jeff Evans, RA of Codified Life Safety
  • Sean Jursnick, AIA, of SAR+ Architects

Light fare and soft drinks will be provided